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The Company.

Evan Lee Breed
Jillian Leigh Hollis
Vanessa Goodwin
Brittany Lang
Alisha Schneider
Chelsea Wahrendorf
Loren Dempster


DeLucia-Benson Dance began with a few projects, under the name BEnD Contemporary Dance, in  2005-2011.  We took a break while Erin had two young children and focused on dancing professionally for two companies in NYC.  DeLucia-Benson dance re-emerged as a company in March 2017 with a showing of "Quintessence".  Erin, along with two of her closest friends from Point Park University, created the beginning of a larger vision.  In September 2017 we premiered the full evening length version of "Quintessence"  at the Rochester Fringe Festival.  

As a company it is our mission to create work that is exciting, complicated, and thought provoking.  We are determined to bring dance into venues that serve culturally and economically diverse audiences.  In the world in which we currently live it is our passion to give people a live, authentic, uniquely moving experience that inspires them to live life and experience something that motivates and intrigues them in a new way.  Dance is an experience no one should live without.  We are here to share what we create. Give us a moment to pull you into our world of blood, sweat, and tears and show you that we are capable of amazing, exciting, and exhilarating moments of live movement excellence coupled with musical brilliance.  



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